Carpathian Forest

Through Chasm, Caves And Titan Woods was a grand entrance onto the black metal stage and instantly ranked Carpathian Forest amongst the strongest of the many Norwegian Black Metal acts. Cold & epic atmosphere to create this fine, cult slab of metal.


Carpathian Forest
Through Chasm, Caves & Titan Woods



Carpathian Forest (previously known as "The Childmolesters", then "Enthrone") formed in 1990, & emerged with the demo tape "Bloodlust and Perversion" in 1992. In 1993 the band released a second demo: Journey Through the Cold Moors of Svarttjern. The following year, they signed to Avantgarde Music and recorded their first EP, Through Chasm, Caves and Titan Woods in 1995, followed by the debut album Black Shining Leather in 1998.

Carpathian Forest played their first concert in 1998 at the Quart Festival, Kristiansand Norway supporting Immortal and Satyricon. This saw the introduction of Vrangsinn. A short studio session followed, with Tchort and Kobro being made permanent members. The following EP was called He's Turning Blue, followed by the albums Strange Old Brew and Morbid Fascination of Death - these were both recorded at the same time and were produced by Terje Refsnes at Sound Suite studio in Sandnes. Nordavind left the band after this studio session due to personal issues with Tchort being promoted to guitarist. Vrangsinn was promoted to bass, and Blood Pervertor to keyboard duties for following sessions and tours.

With this lineup, as always led by the illustrious mainman Nattefrost, the band recorded their fourth album, Defending the Throne of Evil, released by Season of Mist. This album was the first to feature symphonic sounds, as witnessed with "It's Darker than You Think".

The following year, Carpathian Forest made two releases - We're Going to Hollywood for This, a live DVD, the title of which was a play on their compilation album We're Going to Hell for This, and another compilation entitled Skjend Hans Lik, which featured many new tracks, as well as some remastered ones from Bloodlust and Perversion. 2006 then saw the release of one of the band's strongest releases to date, the charmingly titled 'Fuck You all'.



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