The primitive black metal Norwegian act, born out of the ashes of classic band Tulus.

‘Mørke Gravers Kammer’ was Khold’s third album, recorded in late 2003 & originally released in 2004. By now Khold was fast becoming one of the premier Norwegian acts of the new millennium, mixing old school riffing with groove-laden black metal & a completely stripped down production, often classed as a fine mix of Darkthrone & Celtic Frost.


Mørke Gravers Kammer



Khold was based in Oslo, Norway and was formed by Sarke (drums), Gard (vocals/guitar). These two musicians came from the band/project Tulus, and Khold was formed because of a desire to be a "real band", with a steady, complete lineup, and opportunities to play live shows. They recruited two musicians to fit the empty slots: Rinn (also from Sensa Anima, guitar), and Eikind (bass). A demo was recorded, and in late 2000 Khold was signed by Moonfog.

The first Khold album, ‘Masterpiss of pain’ was released spring 2001 and critics referred to the album as ‘a fresh breath upon the black metal scene’. Khold’s second album ‘Phantom’ was released spring 2002 on the Moonfog label. Since Khold at that time did not have any bass player, after Eikind left fall 2001, former Tulus bassist Sir Graanug was hired during the ‘Phantom’ recordings. Brandr was then helping out for a couple of gigs until Grimd joined fall of 2002.

In late 2002 Khold joined forces with Satyricon on a Nordic tour, with another 6 week tour commencing the following year, this time on a European tour. Late summer 2003 saw Khold recorded their third album ‘Mørke Gravers Kammer’ and they also made a video for the song ‘Død’. The album was released spring 2004 on Candlelight records. Both ‘Phantom’ and ‘Mørke Gravers Kammer’ were nominated for the Alarm-award the year of their release.

Spring 2005 saw Khold recorded their fourth album, 'Krek', which was released October 10 by TABU records. In 2006, Khold was put on ice for an undetermined length of time. The reason given was that the members needed time to think. Gard and Sarke resurrected Tulus (as a project) for a short while. "Hundre År Gammal" saw Khold's recording return in 2008.

Khold played their unique music in a raw, primitive and dark manner using only guitars, bass and drums. Still they have a very up-to-date, cutting edge in their sound. The lyrics are all written in ancient Norwegian in order to, in a truly poetic fashion, enhance the songs' concepts. In terms of actual sound, the heaviness and clarity is way beyond in quality what you find in most other black metal bands.



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