IV - The Eerie Cold, Shining’s fourth album, was originally released in 2005 and features drum work by Hellhammer (Mayhem/Dimmu Borgir). The album also features lyrical contributions from Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest. It was recorded at the Slaughterhouse studio in Sweden and was produced by Niklas Kvarforth and Rickard Bengtsson.


IV - The Eerie Cold



Formed in 1996, Shining is a Swedish black metal band that incorporate doom metal elements in their music. Due to the depressive undertones of their music and the mostly suicide-themed lyrics, Shining are often referred to as "suicidal black metal".

Suicide, self-destruction and the abuse of the human flesh & mind, these three topics are the main issues dealt with in Shining's music. The band has since its very beginning been cursed and the individuals within suffered from enormous problems because of the fact that the band still lives on. Actually this might be the explanation for about 9 people being kicked out of the band one by one until the year of 2000, still the band stands in obscurity. During the earlier period of the band, Kvarforth gathered a temporary line-up and released the 7" vinyl "Submit To Selfdestruction" in 1998 through his own label, Selbsmord Services. In the year of 2000 Kvarforth finally managed to sum up the minds of two others in order to record the debut full-length album, "I - Within Deep Dark Chambers". This very line-up lasted until two months after the recording of the second album in 2001, "II - Livets Ändhållplats", when Tusk decided to leave for several personal reasons though replaced by his younger brother Phil A. Cirone one month later. Wedebrand was violently kicked out from the band because of his stupidity, though Kvarforth never did suffer from his absence, on the contrary as he a few months later on was replaced by the drummer of drummers, namely Hellhammer from the legendary Mayhem. And for the first time ever Shining stands as a solid entity with a full line-up. At this point, Shining also signed with Avantgarde Music and released their third album "III - Angst, Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie" in 2002.

The band split-up in August 2004 and their fourth album, IV / The Eerie Cold, was supposed to be their last, but the band reformed later the same year with a new line-up capable of live shows. The band then released their fifth album, which was at first going to be called V / Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni but was later changed to V / Halmstad, a reference to Kvarforth's hometown.
Shining have continued to develop their sound & explore far-reaching influences, not restricted by the confines of what is expected within extreme music, & after a brief partnership with Osmose Productions, settled with Spinefarm for their latest album, as the band evolves.



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Shining - 'III - Angst' set for vinyl release March 31st.

The 2002 album of relentless negativity from the Swedish extreme metallers, featuring the legendary Hellhammer on drums, is to be released on vinyl on March 31st & can be pre-ordered HERE. ...


Shining - 'IV: The Eerie Cold' on vinyl July 2nd

Shining's fourth album of deep dark metal from Niklas Kvarforth & co, & featuring Hellhammer on drums, is available to pre-order on 180gm vinyl for a July 2nd release. Pre-order here. ...