Diabolical Masquerade

‘Death’s Design’ is rightly regarded as the pinnacle of the Diabolical Masquerade saga.
The album is draped in dark atmosphere courtesy of the synth and sound effects throughout and taken even further with the inclusion of the Maalten quartet (Estonia), making for a more orchestral and epic experience, mixed with black and traditional metal influences.


Diabolical Masquerade
Death's Design



Diabolical Masquerade was a Swedish one-man black metal band with progressive influences. The band was formed in 1993 in Stockholm as side project of Anders Nyström (aka Blakkheim), known for his work as the guitarist of Katatonia, & released 4 albums in total. All music is written and played by Katatonia guitarist Anders "Blakkheim" Nyström, who wanted to have a band where he could compose more extreme music while Katatonia were exploring more mellow moods. The music leans heavily on avant-garde melodic black metal with some death metal and thrash metal influences. Blakkheim wanted to experiment more with song structure, theme and composition. This is most notably seen on on the last Diabolical Masquerade album, Death's Design. This album is conceived as the soundtrack to a nonexistent Swedish horror movie, with 61 tracks broken up into 20 movements, each with a unique feel and theme. Death's Design includes many passages featuring various genres and styles, experimenting with progressive rock, progressive metal, ambient, classical music, and rhythmic percussion-based passages. Nyström worked together on the album with Dan Swanö. In early September 2004, Nyström announced that he had put the project to rest, after not having found the necessary inspiration while working on a fifth album.


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