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Barren Earth

'The Rains Begin' video clip now online

'The Rains Begin', the debut video from Barren Earth's new masterwork, 'The Devil's Resolve', is now complete. The video was directed by Ville Rissanen at Obscure Entertainment, who has also previously worked with fellow countrymen, Insomnium.

Mixed by Dan Swanö (Opeth/Katatonia) at Unisound, ‘The Devil’s Resolve’ continues with all the trademarks one has come to associate with Barren Earth: brutal riffs, gloomy growls, majestic melodies, as well as acoustic and progressive passages. But this time the band has delved even deeper, and goes to the extremes. What was brutal on the first release is now ultra so. Likewise, what was proggy earlier is now extra so.

Never a band which likes to travel on the middle of the road, Barren Earth will take you on a journey through musical landscapes encompassing brutal death metal, doomy vocals, trippy 70’s prog lunacy, pastoral passages and… bagpipes, and then returning back to full-on metal mayhem again.

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